Whether you are a major oil company, ship operator or a small business owner, finding the expert services you need is essential to meeting your business objectives.  At Enercon Group, Inc. we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in achieving a favorable bottom line and increased operational efficiencies.








Technical Support

Enercon provides clients with a wide range of technical services and support both in the field and office--the client's or ours.


Consulting / Expert Witness / Mediation

Members of Enercon's staff offer a wide range of consulting expertise in the areas of ship/shore oil measurement, ship/terminal operations, security, safety, claims and recovery.  Key staff members are certified as 'expert' for both civil and criminal cases in federal courts, as well as arbitration of various types.  Mediation services for cargo loss/damage and vessel and demurrage claims are also provided.

  • Cargo Contamination
  • Cargo Handling - Liquid/Dry - All Aspects
  • Charter Parties
  • Demurrage
  • Mediation
  • Oil Accounting


  • Oil Loss Control - All Aspects
  • Oil Measurement - All Aspects
  • Refinery / Terminal Operations
  • Underground Storage
  • Vessel Operations / Management
  • Wholesale Marketing
  • Cargo Operations Supervision  
  • Claims Filing / Negotiation
  • Continuous Attendance
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Counter Trade
  • Incident Investigation - All Types
  • Line Displacement
  • Loss / Claims Investigation
  • Loss Control Development / Implementation
  • Loss Evaluations / Audits


  • Measurement System Expectancies
  • Oil Spill Response
  • Port Captain / Engineer Services
  • Security Evaluations / Audits - ISPS / MTSA
  • Technical Manuals / Writing - Review
  • Terminal / Vessels Survey - Evaluation
  • Vessel / Cargo Surveys
  • Vessel Compliance
  • Vessel Management / Operations
  • Vessel Vetting  


Enercon provides training programs around the world throughout the year.  A series of practical courses have been designed specifically with job-relevant context for the participants and are presented from a real-world perspective by experienced, recognized industry experts.  Technical topics are taught in plain language that participants can understand and relate to. 


Public Courses

Courses on tanker operations, charter parties/demurrage, loss control/measurement and other special interest subject areas are continuously offered in various locations world-wide.  Please click here for complete course details.


In-House Training Programs

All of our public courses may be brought in-house "as is" or custom-tailored to cost-effectively meet your specific training needs and schedule.  Other courses are also offered periodically and can be specifically designed for your group as needed.  Please contact us for more information and/or click here for more details.




Quality Service

All services provided by Enercon Group, Inc. are performed by an Enercon staff consultant who has the knowledge and experience to get the job done professionally and effectively.

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