• Definition / Types of Claimable Loss
  • Recognizing Existence of Claimable Loss
  • Verification / Valuation of Loss
  • Establishing Acceptable “Loss Allowance”
  • Assigning Responsibility / Allocation of Loss
  • Cargo Reconciliation / Voyage Analysis
  • How Best to Proceed if Loss Exists
  • Time Bar - Limit - Filing - Refuting Claims
  • Documenting / Investigating a Claim
  • Reduced Loss – Increased Demurrage?
  • How to File a Claim
  • How to Negotiate a Claim
  • The Seven Phases of Claims Handling
  • What Documentation is Necessary for the Claim?
  • What are the Best Recovery / Settlement Options?
  • Someone’s Loss is Someone’s Gain?
  • Laws Covering Carriage of Goods by Sea
    - Hague / Visby / COGSA / Hamburg Rules / Others
  • Contracts Covering Purchase/Sales:
    - Agreement – GTCs / STCs
    - Charter Parties / INCOTERMS
  • Defense Against a Claim
  • Recourse if Negotiations Fail:
    - Litigation / Arbitration / Mediation
  • Mock Arbitration of Actual Cargo Loss Claims
This two-day claims-centered program, is presented from a layman practitioner's perspective. By walking the participants through the seven phases of claims handling, it details how best to develop, file, negotiate and settle claims involving marine petroleum cargoes.  The following topics are covered:
Program Objective:  To provide participants with the tools to be able to recognize whether a contract breach has occurred, and then how to best proceed if it becomes necessary to develop, file, or refute a cargo claim.  




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