• Actual Arbitration Rulings:
    - Demurrage
    - Vessel Performance/Non-Performance
    - Arrived Ship - NOR - Laydays
    - Safe Berth, Safe Port
    - Multiport Discharge
    - Complex Cargoes
  • Intertanko’s Latest Positions on Key Charter Parties and Clauses
  • Key Clauses to Protect Your Interest When Special Cargoes are Carried
  • Terms and Conditions of Terminals vs. Charter Parties and Relative Clauses
  • Detailed Discussion of Owner’s Items vs. Charterer’s Items and Agents
  • Pitfalls of Ship Fixing by Telex
  • Optimizing Vessel Utilization and Selection
  • Mock Case Discussions
  • Discussion – When The Contract Fails
  • New MTSA - ISPS Clauses
  • Advanced Loss Control Using Charter Parties and Clauses
  • Sample Demurrage Calculation Exercises
  • Review of  "Parallel Contracts" - Purchase /  Sales Agreements
  • New Dispute Settlement Options – Shortened Arbitration / Negotiation / Mediation
  • Incident Investigation:  What is an Incident? Types of Incidents - Identify What, Why, How it Happened -How to Prevent it from Happening Again - Incident Reporting -
    Root Cause Analysis: Finding reasons for demurrage and ways to reduce it
This two-day course covers the topics you need to know to better understand the more complex issues of charter parties, laytime and demurrage such as:  
Program Objective:  Participants take an in-depth study of the industry key charter party clause interpretation, actual case studies, arbitration rulings and awards, and parallel contracts, i.e. purchase and sale agreements. This session will most benefit anyone already familiar with the fundamentals of contracts and demurrage.



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