• Regulatory Bodies / General Regulations / Industry Organizations
  • General Terminal Design
  • Tank Types and Design - Fixed, Floating / Cones up/down
  • Terminal Pipes, Pumps and Systems
  • Inventory Control / Planning  / Minimizing Terminal Losses
  • General Operating Practices
  • Tank Maintenance / Handling of Hazardous Waste (tank bottoms)
  • Leak Detection / Prevention
  • Soil Remediation
  • Ship/Shore Coordination
  • Environmental Issues
    - Evaporation / Leakage / Laboratories
  • Measurement Systems - Manual / Automatic
  • General Safety Issues
  • Personnel Training Programs
  • Vapor Recovery Systems
  • Tank Certification / Tank Strapping / Verification
  • Terminal Auditing -
    Compliance / Safety / Inventory
  • Recognizing Operational Shortcomings
  • Storage Issues / Cargo Commingling Issues 
    / Handling Water
  • Security Concerns
This two-day course covers the topics you want and need to know to increase your understanding of terminal operations, management, regulatory requirements, and operational audits, such as:  
Program Objective:  To give participants a practical knowledge of the workings of an oil terminal and how to effectively audit it as to its overall operational, governmental and safety compliance and oil loss accountability. 




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