• Demurrage  
    - What Is It?
    - What is Its True Value?                      
    - Ways to Manage It
  • ETAs / Speed-Up / Slow-Down
  • Scheduling vs. Demurrage Costs
  • Early Load Clause / Others
  • Voyage Costing / Planning
  • Charter Parties, Types and Provisions
  • Other Contract Types
  • Responsibilities Under Each Contract
  • Worldscale Terms and Conditions
  • Sample Demurrage Calculation Exercises
  • Performance Clauses
  • On-Hire / Off-Hire
  • Company Policy and Vessel Operations
  • Demurrage Calculations Under Varying C/P's
  • Owner's Items vs. Charterer's Items
  • Best Vessel Utilization Methods
  • Statute of Limitations
  • Re-Billables - Identifying and Valuating
  • Spot Charters / Time Charters / Purchase /
    Sales / Supply / COA
This contract-centered program details ways to manage demurrage and identify re-billable items that are many times hidden in contracts by discussing issues involving topics such as:
Program Objective:  To provide participants with the tools to manage demurrage through operational planning and contract provisions.  To show ways to find the many times overlooked re-billable items arising from the various contracts involving ship/barge oil movements.



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