The 5-day program covers all aspects of ship and port security including potential threats to a maritime facility, ship and personnel. In order to obtain the necessary certificates from “Security / Facility Personnel” up to and including Port Facility Security Officers (PFSOs), all required topics will be covered, including ports, terminals, ships, containers, cargo, passengers, stores, bunkers, etc. The program is conducted by means of visual aids, handouts, interactive discussions and exercises. All participants will receive relevant reference materials and publications and an appropriate certificate upon successfully completing the program and passing the required examinations.


Program One – 1-day ISPS Certification Program


Day one is to be attended by all personnel wishing to become certified as “Port Facility Security Personnel” or wishing a review of the ISPS Code and the security threats.



Program Two – 3-day ISPS Certification Program


Day one – Is conducted concurrently with Program One


Days two and three are specifically directed toward required training for the port security officers, port facility security officers, ship security officers and other security personnel and outlined in the ISPS Code.



Program Three – 2-day ISPS Review / Update / Implementation Program


Days four and five are intended for those who are already certified and who want to have an update of the code, how it is being implemented around the world and to be more familiar with all of its aspects and the types of threats to be most concerned about today.



Program Four – Full 5-day Program


Anyone wishing to attend all five days of ISPS training / review and exercises.




ISPS Training Programs

One to Five-Day 

Certification – PFSO / SSO / Security – Facility Personnel

Review and Implementation



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