• What are "Bunkers"?  
  • Introduction to Petroleum
  • Composition of Crude Oil
  • Blending of Crude Oils for
    Use as Bunkers
  • Refining Process - Distillation
    and Cracking
  • Types of Ships' Engines - Bunker
    Requirements for Each
  • Fuel Oils - Types and Use
    - Residual - Distillates - Others
  • Fuel Oil Stability
  • Fuel Oil Compatibility
  • Commingling of Fuel Oils - Problems
  • Bunker Specs per ISO 8217:2010+
  • Specifications and Test Methods
  • Bunkering Procedures - ISO 13739
    (Singapore Bunker Code)
  • Microbiological Contamination
  • BioFuels
  • Planning For and Obtaining Bunkers
  • Role of the Bunker Broker
  • Bunker White List
  • Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan
  • Onboard Treatments of Fuel Oil
    - Conventional Methods
    - Advanced Fuel Cleaning Systems -
       Chemical Cleaning
  • Chemical Fuel Treatment
  • LNG as a Burner Fuel for Non-Gas Carriers
  • Key Meeting Checklist
  • Bunker Surveys / Procedures
  • ISGOTT / OCIMF / IMO / Others
  • Bunker Delivery Note (BDN)
  • Effect of Marpol Annex VI Requirements 
  • (S)ECA - Locations
  • (S)ECA Requirements and Timetable
  • Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel (SGMF)
  • Bunker Disputes - Arbitration
  • Bunker Protests 
  • Bunker Association
  • Blending with Used Lubricating Oils
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)
  • Health Safety Environmental Protection
  • ISM Code
  • Monitoring and Watch-keeping
  • Record Keeping
  • International Bunker Industry Assn (IBIA)
This one-day program details the source and use of marine fuels, how they are made, delivered and accounted for, and how things can go terribly wrong if the proper fuel is not provided as per builder's specifications. The course topics covered are:
Program Objective:  To introduce the participants to the world of bunkers and the fueling of ships. To show how managing bunkers accurately is an essential piece in controlling ship costs.



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