• Description of the Petroleum Industry
    - What is it?  
    - Upstream / Downstream / Midstream   
  • History of the Petroleum Industry
    - Titusville until Today
  • How Oil is Formed - Where it Comes From - How it Affects Us
  • Finding Oil - Onshore / Offshore
    Formation Types / Oil Reserves / How Much Do We Have?
  • How Oil is Produced - Onshore / Offshore How Much Do We Use? 
    How Much Do We Need?
  • Treatment of Oil for Sale / Shipment
  • Storage of Oil: 
    Terminals / Tanks / Transshipment
  • Transportation of Oil:
    - Ships - Barges - Pipeline - Truck - Rail     
  • Refineries / Refining - How Gasoline is Made     Distillation / Hydro / Cat Cracking / Other    
  • Types of Products Made - Crude Oil Products
  • Processing/Handling of Natural Gas/Propane/Butanes
  • Marketing/Pricing of Crude Oil / OPEC / NYCE, etc.
  • Accounting of Oil / Products
  • Pricing of Gasoline
  • Industry Organizations - API/EI/ISO/ASTM/Others
  • Regulatory/Environmental Issues/Drill or Not to Drill?
  • Global Warming and the Oil Industry
  • Terrorism and the Oil Industry
  • Future of the Oil Industry - Bio Fuels - Right or Wrong? Estimated Reserves Left / Growth in LNG Usage / Gas to Liquids? / Is the Petroleum Age Over? What is next for the Industry?
This special one-day course provides a comprehensive overview of the fascinating, complex oil industry.  You'll learn about oil from its formation to its ultimate use, and everything in between, such as:
Program Objective:  To raise the participant's level of awareness of what the petroleum industry is and what makes up all its varied components.  The course follows a barrel of oil from its origins in the ground to its ultimate consumer use.



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